System Overview


Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS - our justice system workhorse)

  • Core justice operational system utilized by the stakeholders
  • Resides on a mainframe in ADABAS
  • Implemented in phases from 1978 thru 1996
  • Supports: arrests/booking, known persons file, court calendaring and dispositions, jail management, warrant processing, local criminal history, Probation and Public Defender Case Management Systems
  • Currently in maintenance mode with minor enhancements

Over the Years

  • Technology has migrated towards client server vs. mainframe
  • Stakeholders are developing their own Case Management Systems
  • IT staffing has migrated from centralized to decentralized
  • Stakeholders desire to leverage CJIS data and use the information in a distributed environment for reporting, case processing, etc.


IJIS Database Environment

  • Integrated Justice Information System (IJIS) – Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Clustered Database Environment
  • IJIS is currently populated in near-real-time (every 8 minutes) with data updated from CJIS using Treehouse Software’s DPSync product
  • IJIS Stakeholders use the IJIS database for reporting and to interface with their mission critical applications
  • Super query capabilities

IJIS Database Environment image